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Which Church Of Christ?

The following leter was written in response to a question from a brother in Zimbabwae, "Which Church of Christ are you representing?"

Subject: Re: Which Church of Christ?

Dear Howard,

All the directors of the Institute of Biblical Studies are members of non-denominational congregations from the non-instrumental "Church of Christ" heritage.

However, we have rejected the common arguments of legalistic patternism, and believe that Jesus Christ is the pattern for the church.

We believe we should teach and emphasize what the Bible teaches is important. We try not to insert our opinions into our teaching.

Our teaching material is an outline format that helps people learn to study for themselves. Like the Christians at Berea, we believe that people should study the scriptures for themselves, and it is the Bible that will reveal what is true.

Christianity should be a Christ centered life, developing the revealed character of Jesus in our daily lives. The assembly of the church is very important, but is not the focus of the Christian life. Bringing glory to Jesus in every thing that we do should be our focus. We assemble to honor Jesus and His Body, not to fulfill some legal requirements of law.

Worship in spirit and truth means that we worship with our whole being, and in reality. It does not mean making a checklist of necessary requirements that we assemble to check off each week.

Please study the course "Understanding God's Word" from the website, and you will understand our teaching perspective.

We are hoping to begin the operation of IBS in Zimbabwae, and would be grateful for your help if you desire.

We have already had the first organizational meeting for IBS in Harare, and the participants are listed below. Please contact Moses Chiriseri if you like.


Randolph Gonce