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"Jesus Christ is the Lord of all." Acts. 10:36. Truly these words from the Bible make us aware of the fact that we are the Children of God, and Jesus Christ the highest among all and the almighty is our Lord. Jesus Christ came into this world to save his people. He wanted each one on this earth to realize him and to walk in the path of righteousness. He bared all the pains he was subjected to and gave his life on the cross for us. As the Great commission says " Go ye into the world and preach the Gospel to every creature." Mk. 16:15. Did Christ here mean that we discriminate between the people and preach the Word of God only to a section of People and deprive the rest of this eternal gift? What is the answer to this question?

We discover that God has the same approach towards every human being no matter he be of a different type a different breed or anything that's different. But this does not separate him God. With an intention of touching that dimension of the society, which was never given an importance, neither was even thought of.


Devenamma was a Hindu Eunuch. She was believed born by the grace of Durga Mata (One of the Hindu goddesses). This goddess is worshipped in the northern part of India. Believed to be the symbol of strength, they have a huge ceremony every year in Calcutta. People do fasting during this nine days ceremony. Idols of Durga are kept in houses all these days and on the tenth day they are drowned in water. Devenamma was a very strong believer of Durga. This was the seed of her belief in this Hindu goddess. She was the eldest among her brothers and sisters. Her parents had many hopes with her but all came to dawn when one day they came to know that Devenamma was a Eunuch. When her father came to know about this he was on rage. He casted her out of the house. He said " Better to have no children than having such". The words pierced down through her heart. She decided that she would go to Mumbai and earn money.

She came to Mumbai in the year 1985. She started living in the Laljipada area. She came to be well known in the area as a believer of Durga. The Laljipada area is highly populated slum area, with a maximum mob of Hindus. People are superstitious and believers of idols. Devenamma thought of constructing a temple for Durga. She modified her house and setup an idol of Durtga mata in her own house. People believe that when Eunuch starts a temple it is a very holy place and that the prayers offered in this temple are heard. So people nurture a kind of craze for such kind of holy places. In course of time people started calling Devenamma as Poojaran (meaning female devotee). People used to come to the temple and offer their prayers and offerings and so the response to this temple was tremendous. Devenamma was doing all this just for her faith. She believed that doing so believing that this will please Durga and that she will bless her and she would go to heaven. During the festival of Durga she used to set the idol of Durga in her house. This idol was worshipped thorough holy songs. There used to be a dance conducted at nights called as the Garba. This was not less than a festival for these people of Laljipada. People were attracted to the temple. They were enthusiastic to conduct the programmes of the temple. They participated in the temple activities. Devenamma was their icon; she was the deflector of their interests. She used to keep fasts and have milk mixed with turmeric and it was believed that Durga's spirit comes on such people and reveals to all what they should do to please her.

Once it so happened that Devenamma got ill. She was rushed to the hospital. She was told that she had a severe appendix and would need to undergo an operation. All the believers of the temple gathered at the temple and started praying for her but there was no use. Conditions became worse and pain was all over. One of her Eunuch friend was the member of the Eunuch Church. She asked Bro. P.D.Prasada Rao to visit Devenamma and to pray for her. By now Devenamma's condition was critical. Her belief in Durga was weakening believing there was no answer to the prayers. Bro. P.D. Prasada Rao went to the hospital and met Devenamma. She was lying on the bed. Bro. P.D. talked to her softly and asked her about her condition and then he started praying for her. As he was praying Devenamma started feeling a kind of power rushing through her nerves. She said she experienced something that was very abnormal. She asked Bro. P.D. to pray for her and to visit her again. Bro. P.D. visited her continuously. After about five days the sonography report of Devenamma was out. Almost to the amazement of doctors Devenamma was completely fit. The appendix has vanished. Devenamma believed that this was due to the prayers of Bro. P.D. She asked Bro. P.D. to visit her regularly and preach the Word of God.

Bro. P.D. started visiting her and preached to her. He told her about Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for mankind. Devenamma being a Hindu since birth has ample of questions but some bookmarks in her Christian life were, "She asked why must I not praise and worship idols"? Bro. P.D. answered, " Idols are made of mud and clay which are part of the creation. God does not reside in rocks, trees, metals and structures but he is in our hearts. Idols are nothing but mud. We must praise God because he created us because he is our redeemer". She asked, "How can I believe that only God almighty is the creator of the World"? Bro. P.D. answered, "Things have to be created so that they exist. So everything that exists has to be created. When we see a painting we know that this must have not appeared on the canvas all of a sudden. There was a painter who quenched his thoughts and imagined this picture, moved his hands in rhythms with a brush dipped in colors and brought a shape to this painting. In the same way when we look at the world, nature and man we come to know that there is an almighty creator who has crated them. He who is greater that all of His creations. This is why we should believe that God is our creator and we should praise him for this.

As days passed by Devenamma grew in faith. She learnt the Word of God and slowly understood it. She started singing holy hymns and reading the Bible. She threw away all the idols and photographs and frames in her house. She obeyed the Gospel and was baptized in Christ.

Now Devenamma has changed her life completely. He house has been changed completely. The temple has vanished away. Though it ruled over her spirit for so many years it couldn't stand and face the light of God's almighty word of God. Devenamma used to get good amount of money through the contributions made by the people at the temple. But now as there is no temple she has lost her income. She has no money for her existence. She was in a great problem thinking about her future as she was starving for food now that all doors were closed. Bro. P.D. Prasada Rao gave her a sewing machine somehow managing the costs. Devenamma learnt sewing when she was very young. Now thee art she learnt as hobby is helping her get her bread and butter. She now earns money by sewing clothes. She is now living a happy and contented life.

Devenamma now ministers among the Eunuchs. She strengthens them with the Word of God and brings them to the Church. She is one of the active members of the Church and strengthens others in the Word of God. She is also being strengthened in faith. For believers of God she stands as an example to tell us that God loves each and every one of us. No matter what we do, what we are. He asks us only two things to do LOVE HIM AND LOVE OTHERS.

In these kind of circumstances it is necessary to bring a thought towards their needs and problems. Therefore I need some help from your side so that I can justify them and continue the ministry among these people. They would like to do business like Tea Canteen, Vegetable selling, Plastic Items, Laundry, Kirana Store and Clothes selling for earning , but there is a need some investiment for that, and regularly need free medical camps at monthely once , So kindly give your kind attention to this matter and pray for them. We have 10 Eunuchs who didn't have earning.

Yours in His Service,
P. D. Prasada Rao



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