December 20, 2007

It has been more than a year since Mumbai grace home started and this small initiative to give a good life to these children of AIDS victim started with it. Our aim was not to give these little just a roof to hide and place to stay but we aimed at giving them life, a smile to wear and a joy to share.

With these dreams as we stood through all thick and thin, taking the responsibility to face all things through this voyage, we were successful in establishing ourselves as what is today a home for 10 children, who have no parents to call their own but do have a good living to call their own, people to love them and care for them.

With a hope to bring a little happiness to these small children, we have been organizing small gatherings and programs; following this good practice as our string we arranged a Christmas celebration for these children on 20th December, 2007. A brief report on this program is as follows -

We invited all the preachers and some elders of the ministry. We expected a good number of people to attend the program as we believed this would make the children feel good.

We also wanted some eminent local personalities to be invited, so invitations were sent to Mr. Jaywant Hargade, Police Chief, Malad (Malwani Police station) and Mrs. Sujatha Prakash, Corporator West ward, Malad. Both of them agreed to preside over for the occasion and spend some time with the children.

The program started and more than 80 people were gathered at the Church hall. We got the hall decorated for the Christmas gathering.MY WIFE Ruth mary also brought the children some very good new clothes and accessories. All the children were ready for the program, and they were looking very beautiful in their new worn attractive dresses.

After both our guests, Mr. Jawant and Mrs. Sujatha arrived; the children welcomed them with a nice welcome song. We could notice both of them being happy to be receiving such a good welcome. After some good Christmas hymns were sung by the children and we asked both our chief guest to cut the special cake arranged.

After the cake cutting we presented both the guests with Marathi script Bibles. The children honored them with flowers. A small skit presented by the children on "The prodigal son", the children acted well and the narration was provided to the story in Hindi so that all those attended could understand. We had a good number of Hindi people who attended the program. The act was well appreciated and all the people were thrilled to see the good piece of talents that the children presented.

We then handed over the dais to Mr. Jaywant, he was very excited to be among these small children. He spoke to the children and told them that he is a police officer and what he does for the society. He also spoke about how the police forces help in maintaining peace. He asked how many of the children would want to become a police officer to which some children happily raised their hands expressing themselves. He was very happy to see the children.

Following this the children sang a national integration song which also interested Mr. Jaywant and he could not help himself from thanking the children for singing such a good song.

Mrs. Sujatha Prakash them moved over and spoke to children. She said that when she received the invitation and came to know that there is an institution that serves in this way by providing an Orphanage to children of HIV victims, she was very happy. She said that it is a matter of pride to her that such an organization is present and that too in her own constituency. She too encouraged the children and appreciated them for their songs and act.

We then had a gift distribution program for the children and both the chief guests distributed gifts among the children.

Both Mr. Jaywant and Mrs. Sujatha Prakash encouraged us that we are doing a good work and that this work should not stop. They assured us that if they can do anything that could be of help to Mumbai grace home they would definitely be interested in doing so. We thanked them for coming over and spending their precious time with the children. The children also thanked them and the program ended with a refreshment party.

The aim behind getting these social workers into the program was to gain their interests that such work is present in their areas and with a foresight that in future if we have any negative things be imposed form the local people, these social workers will always be there to help. It was also a good experience for the children. It could have been impossible for them to forget their deceased parents but we believe that programs of this sort are socializing them as entities and helping them in getting involved into things which will make them happy. We also got a good response from the neighboring people who supported us for this good cause.

I would like to express my hearty gratitude towards you for being there and supporting this good cause. Please remember the Mumbai grace home in your prayers. I am anxiously waiting for your visit to Mumbai to see with your own eyes on this month.

Yours in Christ,